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Power giant layout of the intelligent fight high-end grab exit

Power adapter in the long term harm. Low carbon life, start from the little things in response to our sustainable development strategy. On our computer desk, the big board is full of sockets, and every time we turn off the lights when we come home from work, there is always a traffic light on the black desktop.
We are all used to put a lot of unused power adapter has been inserted in the socket, so that we can use again, no matter how worried about our power adapter will be lost. But have you ever thought about the power consumption of these idle adapters? The power adapter and charger for mobile phones, digital cameras, and even a few watts of power, not to mention the idle state. But with the increase in term of time and number of this case, I believe we are not unfamiliar Many a little make a mickle. And long-term plug in the plug on our power adapter will soon be aging, life is shortened, and may even fire and other hazards.
We consider from the large angle: if we do it, just from our electricity, will be 100 million units! This figure shocked enough, enough to support 1 billion kwh electricity about 1 million typical China family, if converted to carbon emissions, the electricity will be increased to 7 million 850 thousand tons carbon dioxide emissions, about 8 million 200 thousand trees to absorb.
Whether the country's resources or their own security. We won't have to pull the plug from the socket. In response to the country's support for low-carbon life, starting from their own, starting from the trivial, the home of the board are replaced with a switch, to develop the habit of turning off the power at any time.

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