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Basic knowledge of power adapter

Basic knowledge of power adapter. The nominal voltage first power adapter usually refers to the open circuit output voltage, which is not connected with any load voltage, no output current value It can also be considered that this is the upper limit of the output voltage of the power supply. For the internal use of the active power supply voltage unit or voltage reference elements, in general use the high resistance of the DC voltage meter can be directly measured nominal voltage (electromotive force should be used more accurate bridge method, belonging to the college physics experiment course, not much), even if the voltage fluctuation of the output of certain. The constant value is steady;
1, power adapter (hereinafter referred to as the power supply) of the nominal voltage and current mean?
2, are the same nominal voltage power supply, the output current is different, can not be used in the same book?
3, the same machine, the temperature of other people's power supply, I always very hot, why?
4, the power supply voltage is higher than my book battery voltage, will not happen?
5, why is the original power supply theory usually than the original and so on?.
For small transformer market cheap, such as those used to like the Walkman, basically is that the traditional core transformer with four rectifier diode bridge rectifier with a large filter capacitor, so if using ordinary numerical DC voltmeter to measure the voltage will be greater than the nominal output, the reason is the bridge rectifier for the fluctuating DC, is simply a sinusoidal voltage signal is connected to the half cycle time chain, after a large capacitor will be flat, but still large ripple coefficient (ripple coefficient is the voltage fluctuation signal with the average value of voltage ratio, the smaller the voltage is close to DC), the nominal voltage refers to the voltage divided by the integral time integral of time, simple to understand is the time average, if using ordinary DC The measurement of the pressure gauge is very close to the maximum value of the voltage signal. At the same time, if the electricity market fluctuations, the power output will change.
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