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The car to the mobile phone charging errors

The car to the mobile phone charging errors
Now I go out is the most afraid of the phone is no electricity, our private car USB charging interface. But in the car to the phone is not a line of an interface plug a pull so simple. Especially for some owners often avoid the use of the car, the car filled with errors can not be denied.
Myth: there is no need to charge the car on the USB interface
A lot of people do not want to understand, the car had a USB socket, plug in the charge on it?. Because the vast majority of the car's USB interface is set for audio data transmission, so most of the vehicle's current is only 5V/ 0.5A. At this time if the current if not reach the standard will make the device damaged, and even affect the life of your phone.
Error two: charging current can be large and small"
What is the meaning of this is simply that the charge output current is not greater than the maximum rated input power of the mobile phone. This battery damage to the phone is very serious.
Error four: USB interface, charging slow
Current depends on the voltage, does not depend on the number of USB interface, know this can be, do not be silly white sweet. But to remind you to buy a regular car, now the car market after some money not covet the dragons and fishes jumbled together, many businesses also pay attention to product quality, they will put the car as a low current high current output to sell, if unfortunately you buy, and quickly throw. How can we know that it can be seen charging speed, is not very hot electronic products, if it is not the performance of the current performance, abandoned.
Error three: the car must be pulled out after the car charger unplug, will damage the battery
Do not believe those rumors, in fact, the car will be able to turn off the ignition. Take a step back, even if the flameout of the continuous models, in general, the car charger is not connected to the phone and other electronic equipment in the absence of current output, the loss of battery power can be ignored.
Myth five: after charging with USB power does not rise and fall
Some people used to charge the mobile phone side, the side navigation, so why did this happen? Most of the original car USB interface is designed to transmit data, although after the show is charging, but the current is only about 0.5A. When you listen to the music or use the phone navigation, the equivalent of the amount of time consumed is actually greater than the amount of charge. So there will be no rise and fall of the situation.
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