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What are the characteristics of travel control technology of the intelligent charging?

What are the characteristics of travel control technology of the intelligent charging?
Travel charger can be used in mobile phones, cordless phones, pagers, laptop computer, language radio, camera, portable electronic devices and other electronic equipment.
The charger adopts intelligent charger is currently the most advanced charge control ASIC BQ2004E, it can fast charging of nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion battery. The NiCd and NiMH battery charging, the charging process includes four stages: pre charging, fast charging, charging up and trickle charging, fast charging charger charger adopts the termination methods are: temperature change rate (delta T/t delta) detection method, the maximum voltage Vmax detection method, the highest temperature Tmax detection method and the longest charging time the Tmax control method, ensure the safety of the battery charging. In order to eliminate the memory effect of Ni Cd battery, the discharge process can be added before charging. For the quick charging of lithium ion battery, the constant flow and constant voltage charging method. In a state of constant voltage charging, charger charger output voltage regulator with very high accuracy (less than 1%), which can effectively prevent the lithium ion battery charging.
The power adapter using off-line switching power supply is composed of TOP intelligent switch device, the power supply circuit is simple, the reliability is high, the AC input voltage range is very wide (85 ~ 265V), can be applied to any countries and regions.
The main characteristics of travel charger
(1) fast charging of the three batteries (nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion).
(2) travel charger adopts four stage (pre charging, fast charging, charging up, trickle charge) charging control method, ensure that the battery fully charged.
(3) the temperature change rate of delta delta T/t, Delta V, negative increment of voltage - the highest voltage of Vmax, the highest temperature Tmax and the longest charging time Tmax fast charge termination method, which can effectively avoid excessive battery charging.
(4) travel charger with multiple protection function: over temperature under temperature protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit and open circuit protection, ensure the safety of the battery charging.
(5) the high frequency pulse charging can effectively eliminate the memory effect of Ni Cd battery; usually, the nickel cadmium battery needs no discharge before charging.
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