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Major applications of special power

Special power supply. The so-called special is mainly due to technical index to measure power demand is different from the common power supply, the output voltage is particularly high, the output current is particularly large, or on the stability, dynamic response and ripple requirements are particularly high, or require the power supply output voltage or current is pulse or some other requirements. This makes the design and production of such power supply than the ordinary power supply more special or even more stringent requirements. Specifically, the special power supply is used for special work.
The application of special power supply: mainly include: plating electrolysis, anodic oxidation, induction heating, medical equipment, power operation, power test, environmental dust, air purification, food sterilization, laser infrared photoelectric display, etc.. In the national defense and military, special power supply can not be replaced by an ordinary power supply, mainly for: radar navigation, high energy physics, plasma physics and nuclear technology research. The power supply is designed for special load or occasion, and its application is very extensive. The special power supply is the use of power electronic technology and some special means, the power plant or a battery output power, converted to meet the power supply needs to form special occasions designed.
Major applications of special power:
1, high voltage power supply for radar transmitter
2, high power high voltage power supply for electron beam welder
3, high voltage pulse power supply
4, the application in the field of Medicine
5. The application of high power and high voltage pulse power supply in wastewater treatment
6, the application of high voltage pulse power supply in food sterilization
7, the application of high voltage power supply in the surface treatment of plastic film.
8, accelerator power system
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