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How to connect the motherboard power cord computer power supply

How to connect the motherboard power cord computer power supply? There are many novice game player in the independent DIY computer host motherboard power line connected computer assembly, will encounter power don't know how to connect the problem, today is to teach you how to solve their own power line board assembled computer assembled computer friend will not! Look at the motherboard power line operation is clear.
How to connect the motherboard power cord computer power supply
The main components of the computer host need to connect the power supply are: motherboard power supply, CPU fan power supply, hard disk power supply, independent graphics power supply, as well as the motherboard jumper. The following are detailed introduction:
1, the motherboard power supply board is currently the majority of the 24PIN interface, we also have a 24PIN power supply interface, the corresponding insertion can be, the method has anti stay design, so generally not wrong.
3, the motherboard power supply connection is completed, the next will be installed CPU power supply 4PIN interface to the corresponding slot position can be.
4, then the next is the hard disk power supply, the hard disk power supply is also 4PIN interface, power interface, as shown below, as long as the corresponding access to the hard disk interface can be:
5, if your computer is also equipped with an independent graphics card, then generally better independent graphics cards require power supply alone, relatively poor independent graphics card is inserted into the motherboard motherboard power supply. The need for a separate power card interface is also 4PIN. Similar interface with CPU power supply.
6, the motherboard jumper, mainly related to the power box boot button, restart button and chassis power supply and other lines of the connection.
7, can actually interface interface for connecting the main connecting board chassis, and the front audio interface, USB interface and the 1394 interface are used to design the integration module is very standard, never wrong, only need to pay attention to the only switch, front panel, hard disk and restart boot lights.
How to connect the motherboard power cord computer power supply
Say a little bit more, in the motherboard and chassis wiring, which switches and restart is not positive and negative level, as long as the plug on the location is good. The two lights are not wrong, but if the wrong insertion will not cause any accident. At this point if you do not rest assured that the best way is to open the chassis cover, in the boot state to try their own interpolation method, will not cause a variety of accidents, please rest assured.
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