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What is the PC power supply

What is the PC power supply
PC is the power supply 220V AC is converted into DC, and specifically for computer accessories such as power supply, CPU motherboard, hard disk, memory, video card, CD-ROM drive and so on equipment, computer components supply hub, is an important part of the computer. At present, most of the PC power supply is switch mode power supply.
Long union PC power supply
PC power supply has the function of protection circuit, the power supply inside the protection circuit monitors the power of every move, is the power of the brain. It is responsible for starting the power supply and voltage / current monitoring and adjustment, and in the case of short circuit, open circuit, over-voltage, over-current, under voltage, under the circumstances of automatic protection. Poor power supply will usually simplify this part of the circuit or even no protection circuit, and this will bring a lot of hidden dangers to the PC system. In addition, high quality power supply is usually provided with an output short circuit protection. This is a very useful function.
PC power in the circuit part in the national compulsory 3C certification requirements, internal power supply must increase a power factor correction circuit to reduce the interference of external switching power grid, which is now the internal power supply circuit PFC. So the latest through the national CCC certification power will appear inside a new component, PFC circuit. Through the ten power of the demolition of the demolition, the head is larger than the switching transformer, looks like a switch transformer, the same yellow tape packaging. Small but power factor can be close to one, the effect is very good.
PC power supply part of the heat, the power conversion efficiency of the computer is usually between 70-80%, which means that the energy of the 20-30% will be converted into heat. These heat accumulation in the power supply can not be distributed in time, will make the local temperature is too high, resulting in unnecessary damage to the power supply. Therefore, any internal power supply contains a cooling device, the resulting fan exhaust and noise index is also the two important indicators of power supply. The power dissipation mainly through the heat sink and power tube with, we looked in from the gap, you can see the power inside the heat sink is huge, high power performance and limit parameters above the pipe directly affects the safety bearing power and power cost, size and power are closely related to margin. Therefore, the observation of the heat sink and the power tube above is also a good way to judge a good or bad.
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